Event Coordinator Opportunity

Village at Ithaca has some big plans for a community concert in the early summer/fall but we are going to need some help. We are currently looking for a person interested in working with us roughly 10 hours a week to help plan the event, on a volunteer basis. Some of the tasks will include

  • Creating a fundraising goal and event budget
  • Recruiting and inspiring volunteers to help you with the project, and forming relationships with others in the community to be a part of the event
  • Designing and distributing flyers, banners, etc. about the event
  • Etc.

We will be there to guide you along the process but this is a job for someone who is confident in planning an event on their own (or with the help of a few others).

If you are interested, email us at contact@villageatithaca.org and we will send you more information!


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