Our Village Spring Break 4/5/21 – 4/11/21

Can’t believe that over a week ago, we had our Village Spring Break! While we sprinkled in a little bit of schoolwork here and there, we spent most of our time taking a break—either with video games or egg decorating—and clowning around thanks to Circus Culture Ithaca. During the weekdays, our Village kids and teenagers began their juggling journeys and stilt-walking wanderings. A few of them even took flight with Circus Culture’s aerial rig! We are so proud of everybody—from kids who courageously faced their fears and walked on the stilts to the kind hearts of those who helped support their friends through it all.

We also teamed up with Free Science Workshop to provide our Village youth a place to let their creativity run wild! By the end of our time with them, our amazing Village kids and teens created designs for a cardboard boat, a newly cut wooden-sword, and a working toy car made of cannibalized toy car parts! We’re always astounded by the limitlessness of FSW and how brilliant our Village youths’ imaginations are. We are so thankful to Circus Culture, Free Science Workshop and, most importantly, every single Village youth who participated.

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