The Village at Ithaca is both a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a diverse network of community members. These include parents/caregivers, students, educators, other non-profit organizations, local businesses, the faith community, civic organizations and various others committed to supporting the educational hopes, dreams and aspirations of children and families in our local “village.”

Three of Ithaca’s top five employers are educational institutions and education is widely recognized as our community’s primary industry. Yet, we have a so-called “achievement gap” in our schools where we are not currently meeting the curricular and extra-curricular needs of all our children. We believe the status quo is simply unacceptable and that we, as a total community can change it if we have the collective will! The factors that contribute to these gaps are many and varied, therefore they must be addressed in multiple ways. The Village is a catalyst for ensuring that we do so at the systemic level so that issues of both policy and practices are addressed.

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