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Want to help ensure that all  students in the Ithaca community have equal access to the best our schools have to offer? Wondering how to help eliminate the achievement gap in Ithaca public schools?

Whether you are a parent, an educator, a community leader, a student, or a past or present Ithaca resident, we welcome (and rely upon) your support.

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If you can’t yet donate your time or money, stay up to date on what we’re doing for the times when you can


On our Facebook, we do our best to keep this updated with our latest and upcoming events so that you can get out and join us!

Village at Ithaca

On our Instagram, we try to keep it up to date with fun upcoming events as well as pictures from past events that keep you informed on what we’ve been up to!

Stolen Joy Project

Our Stolen Joy Project, different from our official Instagram, is a visual catalogue of everyday oppression people of color face in our public school system.

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