Village Support Services

It takes a Village to raise, educate, affirm, and inspire a child. We understand that, to do that, there needs to be a comprehensive and expansive set of resources and services available to families. We have been listening to what you need and creating our programs in response. We want all students and their families in Tompkins County to not only survive but thrive.

Youth & Family Advocacy

The Village is here to advocate for the ever-changing needs of students and families in public schools and related systems throughout Tompkins County. Our Village staff and volunteers advocate for both individual families and all children by engaging in conversations with teachers, principals, administrators and other community organizations. We use our voice as an organization to amplify the voices of those who have not traditionally been heard.

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Academic Support & Mentoring

Our Program Educators and volunteers are providing in-person academic support to students K-12.

Village Emergency Fund

In March 2020, we launched the Village Emergency Fund which provides financial assistance to families when other programs cannot meet their needs in a timely manner. The Emergency Fund has supported a variety of requests but is particularly focused on ensuring that families can maintain internet access for distance learning and remote work.

Youth Identity Groups

The Village facilitates peer support groups for young men and women of color living anywhere in Tompkins County that meet regularly and are driven by the agendas of the youth themselves. If you know a young person who might be interested in participating, e-mail

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Youth Employment Program

In partnership with Tompkins County Workforce and thanks to additional private funding, the Village hosted youth employees ages 14-24 in a variety of supportive work opportunities that include program creation and implementation, the development of administrative skills, and collaborations with community partners.

Ongoing Food & Household Support

Thanks to Friendship Donations Network and support from volunteers, we have been distributing food and household supplies throughout the county since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. We make weekly food deliveries and supplement with household items whenever possible, while also maintaining an inventory at our office for emergency requests. We are also those host of the Linderman Creek Mutual Aid Food Cabinet.

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