What’s New!

Here at the Village, we’ve been flying by the seat of our pants as we work hard to work with all the pandemic-related changes to schedules, operations, and the many new needs that the pandemic has either created or exacerbated. Simultaneously, we’ve also been able to add in lots of new and exciting programming. We want to eventually tell everyone all the wonderful details about our new opportunities and collaborations, but for right this moment, we just need to briefly fill you in on a few highlights of what we have going on right now! If you’re interested in any of these great new things we have going on, please get in touch with us!

Summer Programming

Rock Painting at ICG

Summer Female Empowerment Group

This great group of young adult women of color has been meeting weekly and is currently working hard to bring the Village Rock Garden to the Ithaca Children’s Garden. Fall programming is still in the planning stages and we look forward to another exciting season!

Music and Merch Guys Group

These talented young men are getting together on Sunday afternoons to make music and create swag for the Village. Just like the women’s group, the Fall programming is still pending planning and scheduling.

Merch Maker Naz

Youth Summer Employment

We raised enough money to keep our Summer Youth Employment Program. As part of that program, our employees delivered food after we became a Neighborhood Food Hub through the Friendship Donations Network

Cooking Workshops

This collaboration with Healthy Food for All has been taking place at the Ithaca Children’s Garden outdoor kitchen, where our teen employees have been working with local Chef Jen Irwin to design and produce recipes using local donated produce. The teens have made sauces, pickles, sushi, collard greens, and zoodles, and have distributed the deliciousness to local families and partners. We are hoping to move this program to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Teaching Kitchen soon.

Events and the Every Day

Working Hard!

We made sure to get all of our work done and to stay on task! A major task we were able to accomplish was the virtual hosting of the annual Board of Education Candidates forum.

Don’t think we forget to have fun

We had a Make Your Own Hula Hoop Workshop with Circus Culture at the Ithaca Children’s Garden and we had a quarantine-style PJ DJ Trampoline Party, courtesy of Ithaca DJ Festival. In the Fall, we held an all-day outdoor education thanks to Ithaca Children’s Garden while Ithaca schools delayed opening.

New T-Shirts

We made awesome new t-shirts that displays our brand new logo. There are also new sweatshirts and face masks for adults to wear!

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